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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

700 MHz Wireless Microphones

A brief diversion.

Many organizations use cordless microphones. These include churches, performance venues, hotels and the like. Many of these microphones are expensive, costing up to $2,000 each. Most microphones use frequencies associated with the old analog TV spectrum, with many in the “700 mhz.” range, (former channels 52 – 69).

Now that we have digital television which uses the former ch 2 – 51 range, the remaining spectrum has been sold off to telecom providers such as Verizon and AT&T, (4G Networks), and emergency services providers, (764 – 776 MHz and 794 – 806 mhz).

Wireless mics were permitted to operate in these frequencies without license and therefore without recourse when the frequencies were auctioned off for over 12 Billion dollars last year.

The only options or wireless mic users is to have the frequency changed or buy new mics. Some undoubtedly run their mics to the bitter end. Imagine a homily interrupted by the police on a vice raid. Or just imagine the range of your $2000 mic system diminishing to 10 feet. Not good.

One would imagine there would be lots of written material on this topic but there isn’t much. My latest document search this morning yielded nothing newer than December 2008. Not good. Not much else available through search engines like Google and Dogpile.

So, dear reader, I will add this topic as a thread on this blog. I will return to the topic as soon as I can find new information for you.

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