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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Naked Nazis Hiding Under Your TV Set

In the last thirty five years I have heard just about every excuse for not wanting public access television. Public Access has been assaulted from just about every angle, but the worst to me is what I call the Naked Nazi Syndrome, (NNS). NNS holds that if you let public access television into your community, all manner of despicable producers will assert their First Amendment Rights and pummel us with right wing, (or left wing, or middle of the bird), screeds that will undermine our communities or at least make them vulnerable to takeover by the Taliban. If that doesn't strike fear in your heart then there are the soft porn purveyors who will steal our children and assault us with exposed body parts and innuendo.

What public access television detractors, especially those in government, will rarely admit about their public access phobia has nothing to do with nudity or political speech. It has much more to do with the expression of differing opinions.

Naked Nazis wither in comparison to an informed citizen with a camera. I hope to see a lot of informed citizens out there expressing themselves and growing a vibrant community in the process.

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